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Bibble 5: not waiting anymore.

Well, I’m not very active these last days. Pretty busy and not much time left for photography. Besides I’m looking for a replacement to Bibble which I use since more than 2 years for processing my raw photographs. The version 5 is still not ready and it seems that the Bibble Labs team does not care very much about the current customers. Probably planing to catch new ones with their next product and inherit the current customers who had the courage to wait. Version 4.1 is sorely lacking tools for tagging, searching and organizing. I know version 5 will have tools for that but it’s simply a too long waiting. Should have been available at least 7 or 8 months ago (if not 1 year), and still nothing coming. Except two previews. Looking at them makes me think there is still a lot of work to be done. Plus, the philosophy the program is adopting does not please me much. Editing with layers and such tools does not interest me in a raw converter. There are dedicated softwares for that like the Gimp, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or even Paint.net. I don’t believe in “all in one” solutions. I much prefer Lightroom approach with powerful tools to manage, selecting your raw files and sorting them out in the fastest way in a well thought out and functional user interface. Extreme editing must be done with another software. After all, if the subject of your photograph is severely under exposed it just means that, in some point, you missed your photography. The good photograph must be achieved on the field, not behind a computer screen. I do not regret the money I spent for Bibble. 129$ for version 4.x was not expensive for this powerful software. But waiting for a new version since nearly one year and probably one year more is simply not acceptable as a customer point of view. Ok, I will get a free update to V5 but, frankly, I don’t mind to pay for an upgrade if the product comes in time and fits my needs. This is obviously not the case with V5. I’m going to spend my next software budget in a piece of software that meets my expectations and whose editor is more concerned and attentive to its customers.


Photographs onĀ DigitalShooting.net.

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