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Saint Hippolyte Panorama

Here is a panorama I have made on  a scenic view on the heights of the city of  Saint-Hippolyte, France. Stitched the shots with the excellent Microsoft Image Composite Editor. The program is free of charge although not open source. Results are always nearly very good as long as you feed the program well. In this case, 13 photographs with 15 degres incremental rotation for each. Of course, at 24mm, 4 or 6 shots could be enough to cover the 180 degres needed here, but the result would be a curved horizon line and fence. Having more than 4 or 6 shots to cover the 180 degres allows the program to find more overlapping zones in the pictures resulting in a much more straight and realistic looking panorama. MS ICE is a very good piece of software for people who wants to quickly create a nice panorama without juggling with tones of settings. Another panorama stitcher, with a lot of powerful parameters is Hugin. Impressive open source software but might be a little bit confusing for casual users, like myself.

View more photographs on DigitalShooting.net or click on the picture below to see it in larger format.


Camera : Olympus E-3
Lens : Zuiko Digital SWD 12-60 mm (35 mm = 24-120 mm)
Focal Lenght : 12 mm (35 mm = 24 mm)
Exposure Time : variable
F-Number : 6.3
ISO : 100

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