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It’s summer time !

Finaly the first post of July ! Well, I’ve been pretty busy the last two weeks thus having no time for posting. Everything is almost back to the normal now and I will update the daily photograph category… on a daily basis 🙂 At least I will try.

There is many people coming on this blog (as long as I post news 🙂 ) but, unfortunately, few comments. I’m aware a blog is more about text reading than looking at photographs and I will try to provide more reading material to the visitors. However, dear readers, I would be pleased having your comments or any questions regarding the photograph. May it be purely photography related, question about the subject, information demand or anything else, you are welcome and I will try my best to give you the most accurate answer.

What better than beach chairs to symbolize summer time ? Ok, we’re not on the beach but undoubtedly the tranquility of the country side is much more favorable for  a good recovery than an overcrowded area…

View more photographs on DigitalShooting.net or click on the picture to see it in larger format.

Summer Time

Camera : Olympus E-3
Lens : Zuiko Digital SWD 12-60 mm (35 mm = 24-120 mm)
Focal Lenght : 12 mm (35 mm = 24 mm)
Exposure Time : 1/3200s
F-Number : 2.8
ISO : 100
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